Jennifer Corbin                           
Master Certified Coach says …

What Successful Coaches Have Done

1) Successful coaches took the initiative in building a supportive and diverse coaching community.
2) Successful coaches made it a point to meet new and different people.
3) Successful coaches worked with more than one coach during their careers.
4) Successful coaches actively participated in coaching classes.
5) Successful coaches didn’t refrain from telling many, many people per week what they did for a living and asking for business.
6) Successful coaches “fought” for their coaching practice and a higher quality of life.
7) Successful coaches mastered the art of truth telling.
8) Successful coaches created a strong business and marketing strategy which they monitored and improved along the way.
9) Successful coaches made a profound impact on the lives of others.
10) Successful coaches kept negativity, doubt and fear at bay.

What do you need to do to become a successful coach?

MMMmmm …what is that I need to do?

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