Is it your dream

– to co-create a great Catholic school or organisation?

– to create a worthwhile future for Catholic schools and organisations?

– to create a future that matters for your co-workers,

clients or students and for the wider community?


Through my business, Future Matters, I partner with leaders and groups from Catholic schools and organisations in their struggles to be authentically Catholic, genuinely making a difference, effectively living the Gospel, and creating a worthwhile future, a future that matters.

Future Matters supports you to

  • be authentically Catholic
  • make a difference in the world
  • live the Gospel
  • communicate the Catholic vision effectively
  • live with compassion, creativity and courage.
Future Matters’ Services
    • Coaching for individuals and groups
    • Establishing mentoring programs for collegial support
    • Inclusive spiritual retreats for individuals and groups
    • Creative and purposeful facilitation and development
    • Support in developing school or organisation vision and mission statements.

Let’s chat about what might be right for you and your community.

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